Michael, I love the system !

– Wynton Marsalis

Once again, we’re only giving Michael and Audio High a 5-star rating because we can’t give it anything higher!

We’ve used Audio High several times now –we’re not ‘high end’ budget at all – and each time our experience is the same….. most recently, what a nice experience it was to have their service tech guy David S here for two days to install our Sonos and replace our center speaker…..at least that’s what he was scheduled to do but of course as you know, the moment you start replacing and installing things…… unexpected complications and additional problems pop-up. David not only took care of the scheduled items, but professionally and pleasantly took care of the other 90% of the job=the Unscheduled items. And the communication with Michael to arrange the install and replacement was equally professional and pleasant.
Thanks for a job well done!

– Wendy W.


Feedback from The Rolling Stones

For Michael,
One love, 2 speakers !!
– Keith Richards

Last week I had the best experience I’ve ever had in an audio/video store.

I’m trying to put together a high quality “near field” audio system for my desktop that will leverage my computer as a music server and deliver great sound to both speakers and headphones. From all of the research I’ve been doing on the web, it was clear that it would be good to find a local retailer who was well versed in high end audio who could help guide me toward my goal.

As the editor of the high-end audio publication The Absolute Sound wrote in a recent article on the importance of your relationship with the retailer, “The good specialty audio retailer doesn’t just move boxes of electronics; he provides you with the satisfaction of great-sounding music in your home. More than just an equipment dealer, he’s usually a dedicated audio and music enthusiast himself — he knows his products, and is often the best person to advise you on selecting equipment and system setup.”

I have found that type of retailer in Michael Silver and his company Audio High. Michael was “on the floor” when I visited his store last week, and the two hours I spent with him were invaluable in moving me toward my audio goal. I appreciated how he first wanted to understand what I wanted to accomplish. Then, as he shared his thoughts on my project with me, he introduced me to appropriate options for me to consider.

His store has a wide variety of high-end equipment on display, but he focused on my project and the smaller, less expensive components that would be appropriate for the desktop system I’ve been envisioning for my small home office.

I left his store with the first of the new components I needed in hand and will be returning to his store soon to spend time auditioning the next pieces for my system. I’m looking forward to my next visit to Audio High.

— Robert M.


Feedback from Herbie Hancock


Thank you for the fantastic job installing my new home theater. The speakers are terrific, just as Dave Holland said. You were a real pleasure to work with, and the system sounds great. Thanks so much!

You’ve got the best equipment and the knowledge of the best!

– Herbie

Feedback from the CEO of Activision

I am writing to give my enthusiastic recommendation to Brad Zimring and his team at Audio High. I have been an audio and/video enthusiast for many years and as such I have worked with a number of the top home automation companies in Los Angeles. I have never written a letter of recommendation for any of them until this one.

I have found it very hard to find a team that combined technological capability, responsive customer service, and a strong design aesthetic. In fact, most of the groups I have worked with were lucky if they had one of those three. Brad and his team at Audio High bring it all together. They are responsive, engaged, and passionate about what they do. Their systems work reliably, and have an elegant, intuitive interface that any visitor to our home knows how to use instantly. When something goes wrong (which is inevitable, but happens a lot less to Audio High’s systems and others), they can be counted on to be responsive and effective in getting it resolved.

Whether you are building a home (as we did) or just adding a system or new capabilities to your current home, I can’t recommend Audio High highly enough. They are a rare, reliable team in a very unreliable industry.

-Eric Hirshberg


Feedback from Frank Darabont

To Michael!

The most awesome store on the planet!

– Frank Darabont
Writer/Director of The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and many other films.

Man – the two fellas at the front are awesome!!

I have to thank them publicly in allowing me to spend numerous hours in bringing in my equipment to test with theirs as well as for letting me spend hours with their equipment in the listening room!!

I was kind of intimidated by the website because of all the celebs and what not that they have pieced together equipment for. I’m definitely not a big baller and you’d never see me my PORTABLE rig on their website, but I DO find value in spending my well earned money for audio equipment (from time to time) in my endeavors to find the ultimate sound signatures and components that mesh best with my ears.

The gentleman helping me out was VERY thorough in explaining how things work, what different components do, and even followed up on emails with things I didn’t quite understand during our conversations at the shop.

I’m normally an avid internet shopper but I definitely reward GREAT customer service as I see appropriate and the folks at Audio High offer first class customer service alongside their insane collection of AMPs/DACs/Speakers, & Headphones.

I can’t recommend this shop enough for the up and coming audiophile or just lovers of music and sound. Thanks again!!

– Randy N.


Feedback from director Francis Ford Coppola

In addition to work at his private homes, Audio High installed and calibrated SIM2 projectors for Mr. Coppola in his studios in San Francisco and at his Rubicon estate. Mr. Coppola was wowed by the picture and commented, The blacks are deep and the image is truly filmlike: Stunning!

Eugene rocks!

We are trying to get ourselves a really great home theater system, and stumbled across this place.

We had already visited multiple hi-fi audio stores, and this one is by far the best.

Eugene helped us out through our entire process. We probably went there about 3 to 4 times, spending more than an hour each time.

He explained all the different types of speaker options, hooked them up in whatever configuration we needed, and let us audition them at leisure.

He took a lot of time to demo everything, and in almost all cases, we ran over their official closing time. But there was no pressure whatsoever. He also gave us a demo of the super expensive Meridian speakers, to set reference points. (YES, those were amazing!)

– Manish P.


Feedback from Skywalker Sound (Lucasfilm)

We have been looking for over a year for the best combination of speakers, amplifiers, and cables. This system sounds fantastic with all types of music and allows us to provide our clients with the best possible monitoring environment to record and mix in.
– Leslie Ann Jones, Director of Music Recording and Scoring


What a great place to buy audio equipment. I needed to purchase some audio equipment for a business and they were very accomodating. Even though I did not need the highest quality equipment they listened to all my needs, let me listen to some of their speakers.

To get a better idea of what was needed, Jez even came into my store. Hm… would someone at fry’s do that for me?? I don’t think so.

Trust me, this place is the real deal. They listen, consistently follow up, and are honest.

Thanks Jez and thank you Audio High for helping me put everything together!

– Gerald W.


Feedback from Carlos Santana

Claire and Michael,
Love Supreme!
– Carlos

These folks did a great job of upgrading our old Audio Visual set-up along with our indoor/outdoor zoned audio system. The owner (Michael Silver) came out to our home & did a complimentary evaluation of the mish-mash of equipment & built-in speakers & wiring – then we went back to the store for an in-depth demo of several options to simplify and upgrade the systems. I was impressed at their skill in integrating our cable, DSL, audio zones, old equipment, new HD TVs, new equipment etc. We’re now able ot use 1 remote to switch between TV, DVD, DVR, stored movies, Wii, Audio, iPod, a VCR, & a turntable. We opted for a media storage system called Kaleidescape (http://www.kaleidescape.…) which holds about 700 CDs & 300 DVDs – so it was great to be able to put all the DVD boxes in jewel cases away in the basement & declutter our family room.

– Mary V.


Feedback from producer/engineer Jay Newland

My Name is Jay Newland. I’m a record producer and engineer. I’m also a friend of Ron Carter’s. I have made several Jazz records as well as the 2 Norah Jones records. I went to Ron’s home and listened to the speakers he got from you. Absolutely beautiful. Their ability to handle low frequency information clearly was superb. The spatial image is also fantastic. Bravo.
– Jay Newland

Approximately, 1 year ago I completed a major renovation of my house. Audio High was my subcontractor and vendor of choice for the wiring, design, equipment, and installation of my home automation system and home theater. Michael and his team performed a stellar job in all phases of my project. Throughout the process, Michael and his team have been extremely responsive in answering questions and following up with service issues. To date, the equipment has held up well and my entire family enjoys all the different systems in our house…

All in all I can unequivocally state that I would return to Audio High for future purchases and enhancements to my system.

– Unni N.


Feedback from saxophonist/composer Benny Golson

It was a distinct pleasure and delight having the two of you pay me a short, but quite consequential, visit with your miracle speakers. Wow! Indeed, you have brought life into my life. I think we might get together here in NYC before my return here for the winter in October. I’ll be in touch about this. … Incidentally, I’ll be getting in touch with Spielberg and Hanks …. They’re jazz fans and would possibly be interested…
– Benny

Friendly, helpful, and patient.

Eugene let me audition at least a dozen different speaker setups, as well as the ultra high-end ones, even though they were way out of my budget. Even though I wasn’t well-versed in audiology, I learned a lot and he still wasn’t tired of my questions after several hours in the store. Then when the speakers I finally bought were back ordered, they offered to let me take home a slightly better model from the showroom while waiting for mine to arrive. Only problem is, now I’m becoming rather fond of the loaners! On another occasion I came in looking for speaker wire to run under carpet and talked to Michael. Unfortunately they didn’t have any of sufficient length, and I needed them that day – but again he was very patient and answered all my questions about wire with helpful suggestions for my DIY installation.
– Doug C.


Feedback from bassist Ron Carter

Dear Michael,
Until now, as you may know, I have not spent a lot of time with “high-end” audio equipment. There are several reasons for this:
1. The cost seemed prohibitive and not justified by the quality of the product.
2. The systems that I’ve heard over the years have simply not been very impressive.
3. As a performer for more than fifty years, I’ve been part of the sound. So it didn’t seem possible to me that any artificial system could successfully reproduce that sound.
My hearing (and now owning) the TETRA 606 speakers has changed all that. In addition, I have shared my new listening experience with several of my equally critical musician friends and their comments have ranged from, “So, when did you buy that piano?” to “Aha! So that’s how your bass sounds in the audience!”
I can’t thank you enough for this fabulous sytem!!

Ron Carter
New York, NY
12 December 2005

I have the highest opinion of this company and its staff.

It’s not all that common to find such knowledgeable audio experts who also provide service that goes the extra mile. Jez Hildred of Audio High is such an expert. Moreover, though he certainly is in the business of selling audio equipment and services, he places the needs of the customer first, and never tries to “make the sale.” You will be able to explore your audio needs in a comfortable, no-pressure environment.

– Stewart K.

Feedback from the Art Director of EADaxueconsulting-China-Market-Research-on-Electronic-Arts-EA-Entertainment-in-China

Dear Michael,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of The Lord of The Rings, “The Third Age” Team for your valuable contribution in consulting with us through our THS certification process. Your expertise in the area of monitor calibration enabled the art team to have a consistent level of calibration for the final months of the project, and eliminated the many questions and problems that can crop up due to color and contrast inconsistencies. We truly appreciate your patience, flexibility, and professionalism in working around the artists schedules while we were in “crunch mode.”

Best Regards,
Margaret Foley-Mauvais
Art Director
Electronic Arts
The Lord of the Rings, The Third Age