The System Design begins with a basic needs analysis with the client, who is ultimately the end user, and continues until the final functionality of the project is determined. The output is a set of drawings, technical requirements documents (TRD) and bill of materials (BOM) that is used to specifiy pre-wire, equipment, rack drawings and interconnects, installation, and lastly the programming and user-interface design.

Our fist step in the process is to learn about the client on a personal level before any discussion of the system ever takes place. We hope to find out: how their home is used, who will be living there as a permanent resident or a guest, the interior design aesthetics of the new home or remodel, their relationship with technology in general, things they have seen in other houses they have either liked or disliked, and various other questions that help us build a system that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

The next step is to walk the house/property or go through the architectural drawings and get a general scope of work that outlines the requirements of each room and the whole overall structure. The main goal of this process is to educate the client on all the possibilities to make their home easy, comfortable, and fun to live in, while learning from the client which of these possibilities they would want to make a reality. One of our main strenths is our ability to implement and manage every single electronic aspect of the house: lighting & shades, climate control, internet/Wi-Fi, surveillance, security, pool & spa control, and audio/video entertainment systems. With this large scope of work we hope to save the client, architect, general contractor, and interior designer the time and money of having to source each one of these environmental technologies to a different sub-contractor. We also serve as the one point of contact for handling these systems, and eliminate the situation of all the sub-contractors pointing fingers at each other when something goes wrong. We take responsibility and we deliver results.

Once the general scope of work is determined we work to quickly turnaround a detailed estimate of exactly how much it costs to deliver the desired functionality with rock-solid performance. We can either work with a fixed budget or present several options that represent tiered levels of performance. With these tired levels of performance we never sacrifice ease of use or reliability: the flexibility in price is made possible when determining touch-panel remote options, audio loudspeaker volume and clarity, TV display size and resolution, upgrade/expandability, etc.

While we want the client to have the most cutting ege products available, we never subject our clients to serve as beta testers. We do extensive R&D at our offices and in our own personal homes (much to the chagrin of our family). Only when we are sure that the tested technologies and products are rock-solid to we role them out to our clients.

When the general system design is approved we create a detailed bill of materials that is used for both invoicing and creating purchase orders with our vendors. This bill of materials is combined with our labor estimates into a detailed contract for final sign off by the client.