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Sony 4k Projection 2017-12-01T12:16:58+00:00

sony 4k 300

Go beyond watching and become part of the action with Sony 4K. Picture resolution more than 4 times 1080p allows you to sit closer to the screen and get into your movies like never before. The incredible clarity and detail will make you feel like you’re right in the movie.

Rethink Home Theater

Whether upgrading or building a new home theater, Sony 4K offers greater flexibility in seating, screen size and more. The superior quality and brightness of the Sony 4K picture allows for much larger screens than 1080p. You can also sit closer to the screen, which opens up more seating options.

4k projector_screen4K Upscaling

Sony gives you the 4K experience right now. With an exclusive HD-to-4K algorithm, the projector upscales 1080p to 4K—making all your current Blu-ray Disc™ movies and HD content look even more incredible.

Sony leads the way in 4K

Sony is intimately involved in every step of 4K movie production and display. Sony leads the industry with 4K movie screens worldwide. Now, Sony brings that expertise and innovation to your home theater.