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sim2-coppolaFounded in 1995, SIM2 is an Italian electronics company and worldwide manufacturer of award winning home theater products and leading provider of high-performance large screen systems (for control rooms, information, communication, and simulation) and professional projection systems for E–cinema applications. In a world dominated by large multinational corporations, SIM2 is one of the few European companies that, through its strong commitment to innovation, know-how and focused activities has been able to establish a remarkable global reputation. The company provides the world’s most comprehensive and impressive collection of displays and high-end large screen displays on the market today. SIM2 Multimedia’s headquarters are located in Pordenone, Italy.

The Vision

Deliver images that will become life’s driving passion, an inspiration to the human experience, and a vital working tool.

Mission Statement

sim2c3 200In a world ruled by visual communication, where images and pictures are what we all look for first, information need to be presented clearly, sharply, and consistently. To carry out its vision, SIM2 identify and exploit state-of-the-art technologies to create and supply top-quality, innovative display solutions that help people realize dreams, unleash emotions, connect, and improve their living and working standards.

SIM2 Makes History

SIM2 was one of the first companies world-wide to develop High Definition projectors. Here are some SIM2 achievements and firsts over the years.

  • In the early 1990s, SIM2 launched a video product, the SMV280, which very quickly became the industry standard, overtaking the major competitors in the professional market.
  • 1995: SIM2 is the first company world-wide to incorporate a built-in line-doubler into a CRT projector
  • SIM2 was one of the first European providers of digital transmission receivers/decoders (cable and satellite), Internet multimedia receivers
  • 1997: SIM2 is the world’s largest producer of CRT projection Systems. SIM2 products were the choice of UK pub operators market with SIM2 achieving over 60% market penetration.
  • lumis-white2000: SIM2 is the first company worldwide to manufacture front projectors designed specifically for home cinema: The Grand Cinema series. Innovative and unique in both technology solutions and aesthetic design, this amazing series has revolutionized the home theater world.
  • 2001: SIM2 is the first company world-wide to launch a High Definition front projector series based on DLP™ technology: the Grand Cinema HT300 series.
  • 2002: SIM2 introduces the new rearprojection series based on DLP™ High Definition chip: the Grand Cinema RTX. cutting-edge design combined with the most advanced technology available: fiber optics cable.
  • 2003: SIM2 introduces the fiber optics cable concept in its front projectors range for incredible flexibility with the installation and a truly future proof connectivity.
  • 2004: SIM2 launches the first 3-chip DLP™-based projector specifically designed for home theatre applications: the Grand CinemaÔ HT500 LINK. Built to deliver a real home cinema experience, the HT500 LINK can project images up to 9 meters wide.
  • 2004: Following the introduction in Sept. 2003 in the Grand Cinema HT300 series, SIM2 is one of the first companies to implement the HDMI™ input on the complete product range. HDMI™ is a purely digital connection that transmits the uncompressed bitstream directly from the source through to the display.
  • 2004: SIM2 debuts in the LCD Display market with the Grand Cinema HTL40 series that combines the latest in advanced LCD technologies with sleek, fashionable design and high performance picture quality. The Grand Cinema HTL40 series was also selected for the prestigious Compasso’ d’Oro award.
  • 2005: SIM2 revolutionizes the 3-chip projector market with the highest performance, smallest, and lightest projectors: The Grand Cinema™ C3X series 2006: The world first single chip DLP-based projector capable of true 1080p images: the Grand Cinema™ HT3000 projector.
  • 2006: The world first 3-chip 1080p DLP-based home theater projector: the Grand Cinema™ HT5000 projector.
  • 2007: The world first compact 3-chip 1080p projector: the Grand Cinema™ C3X 1080 projector
  • 2008: SIM2 is the first company in the world to develop and demonstrate a high dynamic range (HDR) prototype incorporating Dolby Vision technology and SIM2 Back Light Unit (BLU) design.
  • 2008 – The world first 3 chip projector featuring Dynamic Black technology
  • 2009 – SIM2 is the first company in the world to launch an HDR display utilizing Dolby Vision and SIM2 unique proprietary technologies: The Solar display series.