Panasonic TDE/TDA Phone Systems

We have an in-house Panasonic TDE & TDA certified phone system installer and programmer with over a decade of experience customizing simple to use phone systems tailored to meet the individual needs of a given household.

phones-tdeEquipment – With the brains of a system hidden in an equipment closet or attic, all the user has to do is select locations for wireless handsets, wired phones, and intercoms.

Functionality – Beyond the basics of a crystal clear connection for in-going and out-going calls, we are able to add as many features as desired, including easy to use voice-mail, room-to-room intercom calling, door and gate access conrol, conference calling, and call forwarding. Other more advanced functions include viewing gate cameras and door cameras on a phones LCD display.

Reliability – With every system reliability is a consistent goal – everything must work, all the time – every time.

*Mobile Service – Since at least one or more of the cell-phone carriers often delivers a sub-standard signal with a person’s residence, we also install specialized signal boosting antenna’s that deliver a greatly improved mobile signal for a better connedtion on all cell phones.