Performance – We select the best speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, source equipment, and switchers to deliver the most enjoyable sound quality for any budget.

Accessibility – Whether from in an in-wall touch-panel or an iPad we want to provide the simplest and quickest way to select the desired musical content and quickly begin playing in any room.

Transparency – The objective is to hear the music – not see it.  We work to place speakers in walls and ceiling in a way that best conceals them in any given room, with equipment hidden in a central equipment closet or tastefully worked into the rooms cabinetry.

Reliability – With every system reliability is a consistent goal – everything must work, all the time – every time.


System Design – Simply asking a few questions of every client helps us best understand where they get most of their music from, that type of music they most often listen to, what rooms are most often used for enjoying music and entertaining, and how they hope to interact with a whole house music system.

iPad-Music-320Installation –Our installation professionals are industry veterans that specialize not only in the technical wiring aspects of music systems, but also have the construction knowledge to best install in-ceiling and in-wall speakers as well as install equipment racks within high-end cabinetry.  We also believe an equal weight on both the functionality of the system as well as the aesthetics of how the installation looks, as one is often the indicator of the quality of the other.

User Inteface Design –The user-interface is the main form of communication between the user and their system, and is intimately tied to the system programming.  The philosophy behind designing our user interfaces is to make them so simple and intuitive to use that no explanation is necessary, and any user can pick up any interface device and instantly know how to use it.

Customer Service –While we try to make our systems as robust as possible, electronic components fail or are accidentally damaged.  The key is to troubleshoot and repair any mal-functioning aspects of the system immediately.  One of the best and quickest ways we do this is to have remote access to the system where we can re-program and troubleshoot remotely if an onsite tech is not necessary.  We also can use this remote access to walk a client through troubleshooting the system themselves if they feel it is the quickest and best way to approach a problem.


Room Aesthetics – With all speakers hidden in the ceiling and walls and equipment worked into existing furniture and storage areas, gorgeous music fills each room without a hint of where it is emanating from.

dm-roomEntertainment– With the ability to play the same source music in all rooms at the same time, guests can move about a house and hear a continuity of music played throughout the residence.

Customization – Each system is tailor made based off of the needs and habits of the end-user.  The touch-panel designs are personalized to make the interface as simple or in-depth as desired with the ability to simply turn up a volume knob on a wall or to open up an iPad app and have control of every room at their finger-tips.  We also design the interface to mimic how the individual knows how to interact with their every day music players, whether this is emulating an iPod or having a radio with press and hold presets like in a car.  Lastly, since every person listens to music in a different way, whether through their iPod, itunes, cd-player, Internet music streaming service, or turntable we build a system that includes the ability to play music through any and all possible sources desired by the client.