Audio High’s years of experience allows our project managers to work with your alarm system contractor to ensure they install a system that meets all your needs.

alarm-AThis means it should both offer the caliber of security required at your property and integrates well with the your Crestron or Savant home automation system.  Since we understand the pre-wire backbone necessary on an alarm system installation, we are also able to specify the wiring required to fully covers all zones and we also verify our wiring design with the your security installation contractor.

When you need integration with the automation system we can implement full control of the alarm system from any touch-panel, iPad or iPhone – including feedback on all open/closed/faulted zones overlaid on the your property’s floor plan.  We also program artificially intelligent features like processing alarm feedback (“armed away”/”disarmed”) to understand the occupancy of the house and use this to direct the automation system to control the various other media and environmental control systems within the house.  Integration of the alarm system with an automation system also allows our project managers to better manage the alarm system contractor: easily testing the functionality of the alarm system and verifying that every single zone responds properly when opened and closed.