Audio High can provide every type of technology necessary in businesses or residences. We deliver an array of services as though they’re our only specialty, allowing us to deliver further simplify the lives of our customers.

Services-img1Touch-panel or iPad/iPhone contorl of music, video systems, lighting & shades, climate, surveillance cameras, security system, pool & spa, or any other electrical system with control capabilities. We hold Certifications from Crestron, AMX, and have completed extensive training with Savant.


Services-img6The most ideal commercial movie theater experience is perfectly replicated with projection and surround sound systems that deliver superior audio and video clarity in the comfort of your home.



Services-img7We pair the best speakers, amplifiers, and source equipment to deliver a musical listening experience that closely replicates the live music performance in the best sounding venues.



Services-img2Deliver your favorite music to anywhere in your home with superior sound quality and a variety of musical sources including dedicated music servers, iPod, AM/FM/XM Tuners, and streaming service slike Pandora and Rhapsody with 2-way control from all remotes and touch-panels.


Services-img3We work with the best lighting designers to plan both the lighting/shading hardware and programming for each room. Once the plans are complete we fully integrate the lighting controls through local keypads and touch-panel interfaces.


Services-img8Our in-house IT department designs and implements a custom network with a focus on security, reliability, and ease of use. We also monitor all network devices so we can pro-actively solve network problems as they arise.


Services-img4Our in-house phone system engineer/programmer can design and install a system that is incredibly simple to use, but still delivers all of the desired advanced features such as seamless roaming, intercom functionality, and door/gate access. We have Panasonic TDA and TDE digital PBX phone system certifications.


Services-img5Video cameras are discretely and strategically located with video images distributed to any television in the house as well as any computer, smartphone, or iPad anywhere in the world. Video is also sent to a digital video recorder system for future playback.


Services-img9We work with the best alarm/security contractors in the business and fully integrate the security system with surveillance, lighting, and video displays throughout the home.