The REL Difference

A REL is a SYSTEM, hence the term Sub-Bass System. Many people mistakenly think that it is the simple addition of a high-level input, but there is so much more to it than that. REL strive to build the most reliable subs in the industry – ask any industry-insider. RELs are built like no others because it is quite difficult and costly to execute to their standard. But it is imperative to them that they retain their good name and that begins with products destined to last for years of happy ownership.

As a pure high-end company, REL believe in first doing no harm with their subs. So, they offer no high pass crossovers that interfere with the bass from the main speakers. They connect via a special high-level connection whenever possible because doing so allows the voice of your main system to be built forward into every REL. They permit crossing over quite low because REL designs produce truly deep bass, where many competitors focus on very loud middle bass.

REL worked closely with one of the leading movie sound studios to create their Shotgun™ Theater Reference Circuit, wherein the low bass directed to the main speakers is reinforced by the REL all-the-while reproducing the dedicated .1 LFE channel that is the heart of thrill in a movie soundtrack. And then it was integrated into one very clever circuit that means even a single REL can accomplish this trick. It provides REL owners with a dedicated single phono input for film’s .1/LFE channel with its own volume control. Crossover is fixed, per Dolby specification, at 120Hz. Simply dial-in the High Level using dynamic music, as usual, then switch over to a film soundtrack and, while playing the most bombastic LFE track you can find, bring up the gain on the dedicated LFE circuit until just below clipping and you’re all set.

REL Subwoofers Serie S

With Serie S, REL delivers high level performance in a mid-level price range. Each unit combines a forward-firing driver with a downward-firing passive radiator to deliver more sound than their size implies. Using 10″ and 12″ drivers in stylish cabinets with high gloss black and white finishes ensures Serie S subwoofers can fit in with any room and decor scheme.

The top of the line S/5sho’s driver features an all-new alloy cone structure that takes a mid-level product to a performance that exceeds REL’s own reference products of only a few years ago. By reducing moving mass, with a balanced approach to design, Their engineering team was able to produce far more speed than prior designs. By carefully adjusting key parameters, they were able to increase the self-quieting key to a high end component’s ability to resolve space and inner detail. Improvements in these designs directly translate into enhancement in your entire system.


LongBow_black_rearFor total flexibility, simply add REL’s LongBow™, the easy-to-use, ultra high quality wireless system that frees your system from placement limitations imposed by conventional cables . LongBow permits very fast, uncompressed bass to be sent wirelessly within the same room approximately 45 feet.

Conventional wireless systems operate by hugely compressing the sound, shipping the compressed digital bitstream through the air and then expanding it back to its “original” form. The results are a noticeable lag in speed (or ‘latency’) and an un-involving quality which often suffers from thinness. LongBow upgrades the digital pipeline from 16 bit to 24 bit, then ships over un-compressed 48kHz signals. Eliminating the compression/expansion chokepoint and using audiophile grade A/D encoders results in fast (typically about 80 percent faster than traditional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi systems) rich, natural bass.


REL believe in quality first, not simply power and boom. They believe that 1,000 watts is only desirable if it’s conveyed with speed and control. Which is why the 212/SE was engineered to not only make your heart pound and walls shake, but restore midrange warmth and harmonic structure, while providing a powerful, rich low-end. This combination of speed, power and grace driving multiple room modes (forward, down and rear) makes it ideally suited for high end 2-channel, grand rooms and dedicated theaters, allowing larger state of the art speakers to spring to full voice.

To produce their highest output single-box solution, REL doubled up on the Continuous Cast™ Alloy Bass Engines that bring critical acclaim to Serie S, altering them slightly for this twin front-firing configuration. These twin actives are responsible for 212/SE’s incredible speed and tactility. Continuous Cast™ Alloy Cones reduce moving mass while maintaining rigidity, producing far more speed and precision than prior designs. These twin long-stroke 12″ bass engines, partnered with (2) matching 12″ passives provide the speed quality of a REL with a power never felt before. This combination offers the driven surface area of twin 17” drivers in a cabinet just 16” wide.


Beyond proprietary drivers, the performance of a REL is determined by unique input filters and amplifiers. 212/SE uses a simple filter-type that is very fast—about 8 milliseconds in group delay– to cross out unwanted higher frequencies to the driver. This speed and gentle crossover slopes allow for seamless blending of RELs with the main speakers. RELs do not include a high pass filter to cross out bass from the main speaker because to do so would generally produce more unwanted effects than the minor benefits such a design confers.

212/SE’s power amplifier is a powerful NextGen3 1,000W (1,700 peak) digital amplifier. This Herculean design allows each driver to output over 110 dB with ease–power enough to drive very large rooms to very high outputs.