Peak DragonPeak Consult was founded in 1996 by Per Kristoffersen. The company started building custom loudspeakers on a consultancy basis for audiophiles who couldn’t find what they where looking for in the jungle of speakers. The idea was to create the best speakers in terms of sound quality as well as design. Many speakers were developed under this initial program and there are now many customers around the world enjoying state-of-the-art custom loudspeakers from Peak Consult. Today the company offers a broad range of speakers, with several custom options, incorporating the best designs developed over the past fifteen years.

Every person in the Peak Consult team is a skilled Danish artisan with the higher goal of bringing you the best loudspeaker possible. The primary objective at Peak Consult is to bring the listener a “you-are-there” sensation. The awareness of sound staging, room dimensions and sense of instrument location are high priorities in every product from Peak Consult. Since 1996 Peak has kept its priorities straight and brought many enthusiasts closer to their passion: music.

Peak Empress 400Every product from Peak Consult is designed and built by hand in Denmark. Peak Consult uses only the best technologies and the best of craftsmanship to reach their goals. Peak Consult maintains full control over every aspect of development and production in their own manufacturing facilities. Each product is tested, matched and given its own unique number.

If you have a normal to large size listening room and want to experience life-like musical reproduction with authentic listening levels, scale and dynamics Peak Consult is an excellent choice. Peak’s mid-size speakers, the Zoltan and El Diablo, will comfortably deliver a life-like presentation without dominating your room with monstrously large cabinets. Have a listen to Peak Consult and you will be absolutely amazed by what comes out of these unassuming speakers. Peak Consult is one of the world’s foremost loudspeaker designers. Peak Consult speakers deliver a lifetime of sensational musical pleasure. May we build a pair for you?

“I spent three months with the Diablos and found them to be among the most capable and musically engaging speakers I’ve yet auditioned. They could rock out and play very loud and gritty and they could lie back to deliver delicate acoustic music with all the the textural and tonal nuance needed to convincingly sell it as happening live – and that’s within an hour of my return from a concert at Avery Fisher Hall.” – Michael Fremer, Stereophile

“What I haven’t heard is many speakers that do so little wrong or so much so very right. The key to such rare overachievers is balance. The Empress is about as highly recommended as they come. I could listen to the Empress for a lifetime.” – Wes Phillips, Stereophile