Introducing Extreme – the ultimate statement speaker from Estelon

Audio High is very proud to be chosen at the US launch partner for Estelon’s new flagship model – the Extreme. We will be having a premiere event onThursday June 5th, from 3pm to 8pm. Alfred Vassilkov, founder and chief designer at Estelon, will be here to talk about the design challenges and benefits of this remarkable new speaker. If you would like to attend simply RSVP to info@audiohigh.com and we’ll reserve a space for you.

EstelonDiamond400An artful approach to musical expression at the very highest level

Estelon was founded in 2010 by Alfred Vassilkov who, for the past 30 years, has been designing some of Europe’s most well known and highly respected high-performance loudspeakers. With multiple engineering awards and patents, Vassilkov wanted to design the ultimate high-performance loudspeaker that would immerse the listener in a perfectly executed illusion of a live performance in the home.

In 2006 Vassilkov began analyzing materials and technologies for producing cabinets with streamlined shapes that would, theoretically, be the perfect form to reproduce sound and also to assimilate into the home with a gracious, elegant, sculptured look. After several years and thousands of hours of R&D utilizing the latest design and materials concepts, Estelon introduced its first speaker, the XA, in 2010.

Estelon cabinets – form follows function

The unique form of the Estelon loudspeaker provides the ideal platform for optimum sound reproduction. The cabinet’s curved shape eliminates corner reflections, standing waves, and phase distortion. Estelon cabinets are cast in a proprietary process with a patented layered crushed marble based composite material. This material has excellent stiffness and damping factors. As a result of the highly innovative shape and material Estelon loudspeakers have absolutely no cabinet induced coloration whatsoever.


EstelonShow400Estelon drive units

Estelon uses German Accuton drive units made with a special ultra-stiff ceramic sandwich dome. Only the latest and very best selected Accuton cones, in exceptionally closely matched pairs, are used in Estelon speakers. These drivers are then housed in an enclosure scientifically optimized to be ideal for those drivers. Estelon has optimized the performance capabilities of these drive units and as a result, Estelon loudspeakers disappear as a sound source and are extremely linear and neutral with electrostatic-like transparency.

Estelon crossovers and finishing

A minimalist design 2nd order crossover is used to achieve the most natural sound with the utmost purity possible. All component parts used, as well as the application of specific internal wiring, are of the highest quality. The crossovers feature Teflon hybrid capacitors and air core inductors encased in a separate chamber. State-of-the-art carbon fiber resonant control and isolation technology protect the crossover components from any microphonic effect.

Finally, each pair of loudspeakers is handmade at Estelon’s factory in Estonia to their exacting standards. As part of Estelon’s no-compromise quality control, each pair is assembled, tuned then tested and evaluated individually.

Why Estelon?

Estelon loudspeakers feature a unique shape, unique cabinet materials and a unique sound quality resulting in an elegance in design and performance at a level never previously achieved.

EstellonTAS400“The Estelon X Diamond is the most perfectly phase-coherent all-cone loudspeaker I’ve heard in my home. Not only does the X Diamond defy expectations by sounding like one seamless thing from bottom bass (and its bass goes very, very deep – into the 20-30Hz range – and does so with superb definition, grip, color, and clarity) to top treble, but it is the first multiway cone speaker I’ve heard which not only completely disappears as a sound source but manages to replace its presence with the presence of the room or venue in which the recording was made. Like Maggies or mbls, the Estelon X Diamond simply carves out a different ambient space within the ambience of your listening room and disappears within it.

The X Diamond wouldn’t be as special as it is if it weren’t also capable of exceptional resolution of inner detail, superb bass (the deepest, flattest, least colored, and best defined I’ve heard from a ported speaker), and excellent dynamic range. Like the Raidho C1.1, to which it bears a marked sonic resemblance, this is a very high-resolution, very high-transparency transducer… although I’d have to say that the blend of drivers in the Estelon is a little more seamless and phase/dispersion-perfect than the ribbon-cone Raidho.

The Estelon X Diamond sets a new standard. It is an amazing feat of engineering prowess that makes for wondrous stereo. Of course, the Estelon X Diamonds get my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation.”

– Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, December 2012