sooloos girlMeridian Sooloos is all the things you value about music, instantly accessed via the world’s most advanced user interface and a rich, visual, touchpanel experience.

It stores your music library in pristine lossless digital quality, with effortless backup protection for your treasured collection.

It plays your music anywhere you need it, with immediate access and instant enjoyment of your favourite songs, in one room or many, for a single listener or the whole family.

It seamlessly integrates full-quality home listening and personal players for when you’re away.

It’s a complete system, built of the finest components, offering a unique experience dedicated to the continual enjoyment of music.

It is power and performance, simplicity and elegance. It is enjoying and rediscovering daily, all the things you value about music.

Quite simply, it’s the world’s most advanced digital media system.


meridian and sooloosThe Meridian Sooloos system makes very powerful technologies transparent. Complexities fade away, so you can simply enjoy the music.

The touch-screen interface makes your collection easily manageable with intuitive simplicity and enormous power. It’s designed with a deep understanding of music and delivers an experience that reflects the unique value your music library holds for you.

The components of your Meridian Sooloos system give you centralized access to your collection of CDs and digital audio files, at full lossless quality, wherever you need it.

The components discover one another automatically and require no configuration when attached to the same network, for easy setup and daily reliability.

From living room to kitchen, bedroom to patio, kids’ rooms to media room, Meridian Sooloos lets you browse and play your central library throughout your home with simple setup, appliance-like reliability, and dependable, effortless backup.

And Meridian Sooloos will grow with you. When your needs change or we introduce new features in the ever-developing world of digital media, expansion is simply a matter of adding another component to your network.


Control-15 400The Meridian Sooloos interface was born out of a simple observation: that as much as we loved all of our music, we didn’t listen to much of it. Whether you have 150 albums, or 1500, or 15000, the problem is the same – you only listen to a fraction of your music.

We wondered about this. How could we present your library in a way that would keep it alive, and allow you to enjoy it anew every day?

The Meridian Sooloos user interface first addresses this question at a basic level. We created a fast, rich and engaging visual interface on a full-size touchpanel that makes it easy to capture and share the excitement and enjoyment of music.

The Meridian Sooloos user interface also offers a more sophisticated approach, with a feature we call Focus. As you import your music, the system brings together a great deal of information about every piece, and then gives you a simple but powerful interface to use this ‘metadata’ to adjust the Focus of how you view your collection.

You’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for, whatever your mood or intent, quickly and easily.

Whatever the situation – a party or celebration with friends; relaxing on a weekend with the family; quietly enjoying your favourite passages – the Meridian Sooloos interface is made for music.

iPad UI 200The Control 15 connects to other Meridian Sooloos devices by Ethernet and features a 17 inch touchpanel display, offering a large, rich, social experience of the Meridian Sooloos interface, as well as S/PDIF Digital andMeridian Speakerlink audio outputs for connection to your audio system or Meridian DSP Active Loudspeakers.

The new Meridian Core Control app for Apple’s iPad now brings much of the power and flexibility of the Control 15’s interface to wherever you are in your home. Flick through cover artwork, focus on a group of albums or manage music across your whole house for a party; it’s a free download, just bring your own iPad.

Entertainment everywhere

Meridian Sooloos components allow you to store and back up all of your music in one central, shared location and easily browse and play it anywhere – in the home, on portable devices, or via the internet when you’re away from home.

Sharing music with all the members of your family in every room of your home is simple and elegant with Meridian Sooloos.

All music is stored in full lossless quality for the best in sound reproduction at home. The system also creates MP3s of all of your music for portable use, allowing them to be easily transferred to any portable device through any computer on the network.

Your music can also be played through a web browser, turning any computer – whether in the home or beyond – into a place where you can listen to your collection.

With one system, everyone in your family can effortlessly enjoy centralised storage and backup of full and portable music libraries – accessed, controlled and played from anywhere.

While Sooloos manages your music, all you need to do is enjoy it.


Playing music used to be simple. But now you have a variety of devices – from iPods to computers to phones to the CD player you never replaced – playing back different kinds of files in different places, with the complexities of backing up files and duplicates on different systems.

How do you bring it all together, simply and reliably? In every room of your home? With all the members of your family?

Meridian Sooloos system components discover one another and communicate automatically through the router of your home network. They also connect automatically, with no configuration, to any computer on your home network running our Control PC or Control Mac applications.

With Control PC or Control Mac you can easily import and export music to or from anywhere, including iTunes®, in a wide variety of formats, from MP3 and AAC to high-resolution 24-bit, 96kHz FLAC, Apple Lossless, or WAV.

Download music and easily drop it into your system to make it available anywhere. Export music to any iTunes library or computer in your home, to have it available on all your portable devices.

Control your Meridian Sooloos system from any web browser on Macintosh, Windows, or Linux computers, or from an iPad®, iPhone® or iPod Touch®.

Stream music to the speakers of any computer, inside your home or beyond.

Meridian Sooloos also integrates fully with Crestron home automation systems.

iTunes, iPad, iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the United States and other countries.

Setup & Support

Music is about parties and celebrations, relaxation and enjoyment with family and friends.

You don’t want to be your own support person – or your whole family’s support person – to enjoy music. You don’t want to lose your music and the memories that go with it.

As a dedicated system for managing your digital music, Meridian Sooloos is there to back you up and support you.

Don’t worry about what happens when you add a computer, buy a new computer, or a hard drive dies. Meridian Sooloos provides dedicated devices with effortless backup so your collection is always safe and secure from the headaches commonly associated with computers in your home.

All Meridian Sooloos devices are designed for easy installation and daily reliability with Autodiscovery and Zero-Configuration Setup. Twinstore devices back up your files automatically, while Ensemble units make backup simple through any computer on the network.

And with Meridian Sooloos Remote Monitoring and Support, all systems are constantly reporting their status, so we can easily troubleshoot and solve any issues for you – often before they arise.

Relax and enjoy the music while Meridan Sooloos takes care of the details.

Import your CD collection

If you have a Control 15 you can use the built-in CD drive to import your CD collection. Alternatively, use the Control Mac/PC applications on your network-connected computer to import your discs. Or if you’d like to take an easier approach, contact your retailer for information on bulk disc importation services that will import your entire collection for you. In all cases, CD sourcematerial is imported in full, lossless CD-quality as FLAC files. For your convenience, an mp3 file is also created, allowing you to easily transfer music to your portable player.

Internet Radio – The world at your fingertips

tunein_on_white 400Now you can access the wide and surprising world of Internet Radio via your Meridian Sooloos system! Sooloos 2.1 gives you a unique window on the Internet Radio scene with a “curated” list of known, active stations – courtesy of RadioTime – there and ready to listen to at the touch of your finger. Search the RadioTime directory by genre, location, and other criteria to find exactly what you want to listen to, whether it’s today’s hits, steampunk, early music, 70s rock or audio drama. Discover new artists and compositions you’ve never even heard of. Listen to the latest comedy from Canada or a live concert from the Albert Hall. And if you have a free RadioTIme account you can access your favourite station Presets instantly.

Add audio files and downloads

You can import audio files you’ve already created on your computer – or that you download from online sources like Amazon. Using Control Mac and Control PC applications on your networked computer, you can bring all those files into your collection. Virtually all common non-DRM file types are supported, including high-resolution audio files up to 24-bit, 96kHz sampling.

Rhapsody – music without limits

rhapsody_logo 400With the power of Rhapsody ($13 US per month*), the Meridian Sooloos system offers access to the incredible options of the extensive Rhapsody collection. Albums from Rhapsody can be added to your Cover Browser and then browsed, searched, and played just as if they were stored locally—with the power, speed, and elegance of the Meridian Sooloos interface. There is no limit to the number of Rhapsody albums you can add to your Cover Browser, so you can build the collection you’ve always wanted, experienced with the award-winning Meridian Sooloos interface. (*Rhapsody is presently only available in the United States.) Get the most out of your Meridian Sooloos system by using your iPhone®, iPod Touch® – and now, your iPad® – as a rich wireless controller. The free Meridian Sooloos app lets you take full advantage of your Meridian Sooloos digital media system to store, manage, browse and play the highest quality audio in multiple zones around your home. With an average 4+ star rating on the iTunes App Store, the Sooloos app has been winning fans since its release in March 2010. The new native iPad version of the app delivers all the same functionality and takes full advantage of the iPad’s gorgeous display, putting more information on-screen at the same time, making that information more accessible, and presenting it at the native resolution of the display rather than through low-quality scaling.

Automatic Connection – No configuration

The Meridian Sooloos app connects to your WiFi network, locates your Sooloos system, and connects to it automatically – no configuration is necessary. Once connected, you can browse your music and control all aspects of playback in all your system zones.