At Audio High, our focus is on exceptional products and excellent customer service. We can help you design the perfect system for your needs and budget, improve your current system, or fix a difficult problem. We represent the best manufactuers, and we stand behind what we sell.


Whether it’s controlling your whole house or just your current playlist, these systems need to balance functionality and performance with ease of use. We constantly assess the marketplace and the latest technologies to ensure that we exceed your expectations and delight you with appealing user interfaces.

Playback and amplification are vital elements of the playback chain so we partner with manufacturers that apply unique technologies or approaches to these tasks. We can also help you find product combinations or configurations that fit both your functional needs and your listening tastes.

As the final stage in the audio chain, speakers have the ability to transform your source material like no other component. We offer a wide range of vendors, designs and finishes so you get the sound you want in a package that integrates with your home and other equipment.

Personal audio is the perfect tool for frantic 21st century living. Headphones and associated electronics can deliver astonishing sound that is as portable as you need but always a relaxing oasis whether at home, at work or traveling.

While we’re called Audio High, we’re movie and TV fans just like everything else. We love the absolute entertainment a great movie can deliver and we strive to offer equipment that will enable your home to become another place or time, at least for the duration of the movie.

Apparently vinyl is experiencing a resurgence in interest – we never thought it went away. Throughout the history of the company we’ve been offering products that release pure music from deep within the grooves of your favorite LP and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Any system is only as good as its weakest link so we search for products that enhance rather than degrade the qualities imbued by the rest of the components. We’ve got a wealth of experience in how different brands, technologies and connection types affect the overall sound or image of your system.

Most of you don’t live in a showroom, so acoustic and aesthetic issues often have to balance with real life room design and usage. Whether its a discrete but functional cupboard for your living room electronics or acoustic treatments for a single-purpose media room, we can help find options that deliver both performance and easy lifestyle integration.