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In today’s frantic world, where automation churns out players by the thousands, Exposure is the exception steadfastly adhering to its tradition of designing and building high-fidelity equipment by hand. Drawing from their master craftsmen’s decades of experience, Exposure builds a high-performance product that is personal, refined and rich with detail and delivers a natural tonal balance for unsurpassed musicality.

Inspired by the need to return the art of reproducing music to its purest, most accurate form, Exposure combines the best of craftsmanship with today’s state-of-the-art technology. The result is extremely well balanced hi-fi products that deliver all aspects of superior musicality without compromise.

“There’s something of the valve sound… this pre/power combo has a musical transparency and lightness of touch that gives it a distinct edge over the competition.” – Hi-Fi Choice, Product of the Year Winner!

All Exposure components are meticulously crafted by music lovers in Brighton, England. The Exposure factory is a two minute walk from the beach in the Who’s famous ground breaking rock opera Tommy. “From Soho down to Brighton I must have played them all.”

Exposure offers three distinct product ranges. The 2010S2 Series is the entry point to the world of high quality audiophile performance for music lovers on a budget. If you want to kick the performance up a notch the 3010S2 Series offers many significant upgrades at highly affordable prices. For those who demand the absolute best Exposure’s flagship MCX Series delivers jaw-dropping, world leading performance at a very reasonable price.

2010S2 Series – The best value in audio today

2010-DAC 400Building on the award winning 2010S, the S2 series once again raises the bar for affordable audio performance and value. The 2010S2 delivers one of the most musically compelling performances you will hear regardless of price.

Rather than a redesign, the S2 series features a few key enhancements adding polish to an already magnificent performer. The S2 series delivers class-leading definition, transparency, bass dynamics, headroom and attack. Add the clean, elegant cosmetics, beautifully crafted fit and finish made in the UK and an easy to use full function system remote control, and you have a real winner the whole family will love.

The latest introduction to the 2010S2 range is their new DAC that also integrates a high-end headphone amplifier – just the thing for today’s ‘personal audio’ revolution. At our Mountain View store we have both the 2010S2 integrated amplifier and new DAC available for audition.

“As special as all get-out, and a hell of a bargain.” Stereophile, June 2008 – and it’s still listed as a ‘category A’ product in 2012!

“The Exposure 2010S is a terrific amp, and a bargain on the order of the Rega tonearm and Spendor’s entry-level speakers.” – Stereophile, Class A Recommended Component.

“A fine example of how a hi-fi amp should be… this amp gives an admirable degree of musical insight and communication. All-in-all a clear Best Buy.” – Hi-Fi Choice.

“Vocals had a wonderful combination of smoothness and clarity… tonal balance was spot on… the expected punch was present in spades. The player was totally devoid of any digital harshness, which allowed extended listening sessions with absolutely no listener fatigue. Highly recommended.” – Hi-Fi News

“Chalk up another hit for Exposure. It’s an engaging Best Buy.” Hi-Fi Choice, Best Buy Winner..

3010S2 Series

3010s2 stack 400The 3010S2 series is situated between Exposure’s entry level 2010S2 series and the very high performance MCX series. The 3010S2 incorporates a number of circuit and design features which have trickled down from the high performance MCX, thus the 3010S2 strikes the perfect balance between high performance and affordability.

The 3010S also strikes the perfect balance between the usual trade offs in hi-fi. For example the 3010S2 offers high resolution but with a very natural tonal balance, high power but with excellent transparency, and rhythm pace and timing but with a rich natural mid-range. If you are looking for the best all-round musicality and the ‘best bang for the buck’ ask your dealer to arrange an Exposure 3010S2 demo today.

“Exposure’s ‘Proudly Made in England by Music Lovers’ tagline isn’t just marketing BS. It’s clear that the people behind these products know what music sounds like and are able to design components that bring music’s emotional and intellectual power alive in a way that makes both standouts in their price class. The 3010S CD player and integrated amplifier make listening to music so intensely involving that it borders on an addiction.” – Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, April/May 2008.