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Chord Electronics 2017-11-29T16:07:20+00:00

Chord’s amazing new DAC – the DAVE

The Chord line of products is one of those rare occurrences in life where the beauty of the product is equaled by its function. There is simply no other line of audio products that is its equal in performance and looks.

England’s Chord Electronics offers a broad range of high-end amplification and digital conversion products targeted to the two channel audiophile and home theater markets.

Chord Electronics amplification has become synonymous with outstanding performance throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. Chord’s dedication to research and innovation over the past fifteen years has resulted in technologies which have lifted Chord products to the pinnacle of the high end audio world. Chord’s reputation for superior design and engineering, excellent build quality and sterling reliability is truly second to none.

Chord Technology

QBD group 280Chord Electronics has successfully implemented HIGH FREQUENCY POWER SUPPLIES which operate at a much higher frequency than conventional power supplies and are therefore much better suited to high power applications. As a result Chord amplifiers are smaller and lighter, they run cooler, deliver more power and respond faster. Chord amplifiers feature lower distortion and an absolutely dead-quiet background.

Specifically, dynamic coupling of the power supply rails means power delivery is always balanced and free from ground loop modulation distortion. The power supply rails operate at frequencies well above that which most amplifiers can accommodate. This, and other advanced techniques, enables the ultra high frequency low ESR power supply to store a great deal more energy far more efficiently. Clipping is virtually impossible. Finally, the output signal path is totally free of any fuses or sound-degrading resistive components often employed for overload sensing. Chord amplifiers are designed to surpass the highest European safety and electromagnetic interference standards.

JohnFranks280According to John Franks, founder and chief engineer, of Chord Electronics Limited, “the amplifier sections are also highly sophisticated designs that make the most of the best high voltage, lateral structure MOSFETs available. The result is a sliding bias class A/B design with all drive circuitry operating in class A. At usual listening levels most of the music will be reproduced in class A thus Chord amplifiers combine the subtlety and musicality of a good valve design with the punch and accuracy of ‘state of the art’ solid state products.”

Chord’s innovative technology results in electronics which allow delicate signals to be controlled with the absolute minimum of interference and coloration. Chord amplifiers provide enormous reserves of instantly delivered, precisely controlled power. The result is a breath-taking presentation of rhythm, pace and detail combined with exceptional smoothness, transparency and an unbelievable open airy sound that you just have to hear. The most popular Chord integrated amplifier, the CPM 3350, supplies 250 watts of heart-stopping, completely involving performance.

Chord Products

SPM14000The product range includes: integrated amplifiers, pre- and power amplifiers, CD transports, digital-to-analogue converters, phono stages, the high-performance “lifestyle” Choral range and a range of multi-channel processors and amplifiers.

Chord also offers a full range of compact, low-cost, high-performance components in the Chordette line. Audio High was chosen by Chord to introduce this product line in the US.

Audio High is the only store on the west coast to have many of Chord’s Reference products on display: the new DAVE DAC, SPM5000 & SPM1050 stereo power amps, along with their CPA 5000 preamp. For headphone enthusiasts we also have the HugoTT, Hugo and Mojo on demonstration too.

Chord also lays claim to innovation in the field of MULTI-CHANNEL AMPLIFICATION. Chord’s high-frequency power supply allows several channels to be effortlessly driven: easily, safely and with the minimum of wasted space and heat. Four channel amplifiers are designed for active bi-amplification of stereo speakers.

A complete range of professional products are also offered.